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Tomas Weiss

Tomas Weiss

Worked as an electronic DJ in several national & international clubs, was a regular moderator on different radio stations and owned the store "el culto", a vinyl shop specialized in electronic music, from 1997 to 2006. Gradually moving towards composing, producing and mastering and transformed el culto into a „musical portal“ with several sub-labels, increasingly focusing on Ambient/Space/Drone and Electronic music.

Composed the complete Original Sound Track for "Cafe Journal" in 2015, an independent movie by the Romanian director Ciprian Brasoveanu.

2017: Start of the radio show "Deep Colours" on el culto, which he personally moderates.

CD Releases :

Conscience (Sleep Edition) - Only 2 copies left

W I R - Sold Out

Polaris - Only 1 copy left

Distant shadows (incl Bonus CD) - only 1 copy left

Vol 3 :: Aestrata - Only 2 copies left

Appearances - Only 2 copies left

Die Getakteten - Sold Out

Dato - Sold Out

Aestrata - Sold Out

Beyond the Veil - Sold Out