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Tomas Weiss & Mathias Grassow - Aestrata

- This CD is not available anymore !!!



Tomas Weiss and Mathis Grassow are known individually and as collaborators for their warm, beatless, often ambient combining state-of-the-art electronics with instruments of non-Western origin. Here, they have crafted a pure ambient album in the best sense of the term, insofar as it creates and upholds a feeling of uncertainty and of being somewhere you could otherwise never visit. No chance of anything growing here because there is no "here" here. No foothold. Instead of drifting, "Aestrata" hurtles. A rush of cold wind never relents, but riding the chinook is a deceptively-shifting kaleidoscope of monochromatic drones. There are many shades in the grey scale...

Highly recommended for headphone listening while travelling through some wormhold between galaxies." (Stephen Fuitman / Sonumu)