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Farewell / Remembrance (Extended Luxus Edition)

UPDATE --> only 1 copy left


- Extended Luxus Edition -

Mathias Grassow & Tomas Weiss

This ultra-limited "Farewell - Extended Luxus Edition“ comes as a massive 6-panel Double-Digipak, hosting in total 3 CDs inside

:: each copy is uniquely hand-numbered
:: this limited Luxus Edition includes 3 CDs
:: comes in a massive 6-panel Double-Digipak with new artwork + expensive silk-lamination
:: Includes "Farewell" by Mathias Grassow & Tomas Weiss
:: includes the brandnew CD „Remembrance“ by Tomas Weiss
:: Includes the very rare Bonus CD „Karma“

Album Preview

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I have received the CD and I am struck at the depth (sound staging) of the recording/production at first listen... It is as if the rich layers of sounds are distinctive, yet carefully marbled for a rich Tibetan like sound environment that is warm and peaceful... Ever present are the oscillating drones along with cascading synths, voices, rhythms and bells all classical elements of Klaus Wiese’s inspired heritage of work. Tomas and Mathias have effectively expressed what Klaus has done for them musically and spiritually in this wonderful recording. Indeed, this CD resonates with that past as well as the future as a profound meditation of influence and remembrance. Yes, Klaus will be missed. However, his blessed influence goes on…

Hit play and be still… Peace" (David, Tampa, FL USA)

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"Grassow and Weiss collaborated several times already, and their "Outland" and "Insights" are beautiful albums of drone music combined with ethnic elements. Only the first and fifth track of this album contain percussions, that fit the arrangement perfectly. Complex uneven measure creates light and elusive groove, interlaced by streams of warm and soft drones, that call the inner essence of the listener into universal dance of energies. This is the rhythm of space, the rhythm of brahman's hands that creates the worlds and bathes them of energetic streams... and you quickly forget of yourself and your life; the consciouness easily looses the inner dialogue and immerse you into meditative-like state. All the other compositions can hardly be descibed in words. It needs to emerge into the sound, to recall yourself, to detach yourself from the stream, to see its surface and to miss the matter to speak something again. For several times I repeated the words "stream", "continous", "huge", but still I can't express the real depth of sound immersion. Actulally this is the the powerful tool of cognition - it doesn't need to practise Yoga to feel, to understand and to touch something great and primordial in this music." (Neformat - Ukraine)

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

"The seventy minute homage opens with a mind-clearing drone soon joined by clattering percussion and bells which focus attention on movement, even if it only occurs in the head. As ”The Mystical Dance” gives way to ”A Divine Gift”, the percussion disappears. The music that henceforth envelopes the listener seems not so much to change in tone as in temperature, so subtle are the shifts. Floating with it, the listener is impressed with the richness of textured detail Grassow and Tomas Weiss imbue what could otherwise be mistaken for minimalism. Recurringly, chants mixed deeply into the mix insinuate themselves into your consciousness. It is not all sweetness and light - genuine spiritual exercise never is - as the cosmic sailing of "Ceremonial Trance" for instance navigates a course beyond the comfort zone. One is first almost surprised that the duo chose not to feature a Wiese sample anywhere in the work, but I don´t think that decision is an expression of the anxiety of influence; rather, the spirit of their friend so permeates the work they did and he could enjoy while he lived, the gesture would be superfluous." (Stephen Fruitman - Sonomu)

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"On January, 27th 2009, Klaus Wiese left his human incarnation and passed away. He was a former member of Popol Vuh and produced many albums of deep ambient music using Tibetan instruments. His close friends Mathias Grassow and Tomas Weiss pay homage to him on the album ‘Farewell’. Five lengthy pieces and a shorter closing track. Grassow too has vast output which brought him some fame in the world of German cosmic music. This work probably doesn’t add a new insight to the man’s work, or that of Weiss, but I’m sure all fans will line up to get a copy. This is some excellent spacious music. Popol Vuh like chantings on ‘The Orbit’ along a deep wash of analogue synthesizers. This is cosmic music, or heavenly: whatever you prefer. Very atmospheric, very deep and highly emotional. Light a candle, a ‘cigarette’, darken your room, lie back and float away. This is not music that wants to be original, new or any such thing, but simply wants to be ‘beautiful’, and as such it succeeds very well. A great homage to a player of similar beautiful music. The occasion might sad, but the music is mighty fine indeed." (FdW - Vital Weekly)

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

"An assortment of ethereal textures is utilized to achieve a droning auralscape that is punctuated by pensive percussion. Additional electronic waves cascade across these tonalities, embellishing them with auxiliary resonance and creating a layered realm of tenuous substantiality. Harmonic pulsations are stretched to near infinity to generate expansive vistas of sound that display minimal variations in their fundamental state. While changes in the temperate flow do occur, they transpire over such elongated passages as to defy easy discernment, evoking a subtle progression that moves without obvious movement. This deceptive diversity is mainly detected by the listener's subconscious vantage and accomplishes a soothing psychological effect deep with the cerebral process. Extraneous vaporous garnishes lend hints of depth and definition, establishing faint modifications among the atmospheric stability.

While extremely delicate in their presented form, many of the actual electronics possess a hidden grinding quality, an aspect that is only evident upon microscopic examination. This passive structure comprised of harsh source elements marks an inventive application of the composers' creative skill. A few of the tracks' soundscapes are punctuated by pensive percussion, imbuing those pieces with a dirge-like disposition. Further enhancing this music's endless mien, the various tracks are presented in a seamless flow, transforming everything into a never-ending flux of rarefied electronic textures." (Sonic Curiosity - Matt Howarth)

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