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Slow Current


Tomas Weiss & Gary Johnson - Slow Current

In the works for many years and over the distance of two continents, the first collaborative album of the two artists is finally officially released. Tomas & Gary are no strangers to the Ambient Music scene as both can look back on a number of releases as well as collaborations (such as Steve Roach, Mathias Grassow, Klaus Wiese, Oophoi, Anthony Paul Kerby and others). The musical journey of the two artists began in 2014 with the exchange of initial ideas and visions - a profound basis quickly emerged, which led to the idea of a collaboration album.

"Slow Current„ is an eclectic and challenging album as it contains a wide spectrum of Ambient music - from slow moving soundscapes to darker drones and subtle melodic textures. Over an hour of exceptionally high quality Ambient Music with an amazing range of subtle and intricate details. The music evolves slowly and deliberately, ranging from engaging soundscapes to warm textures with a touch of endless sounding Space Music.

The artwork is taken from the release on Bandcamp - it´s linked to identify the corresponding album. The CD release comes with a special „Avision" label cover including additional information on the back.

Album Preview

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