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Arc Music, based in India, was founded by Klaus Wiese & Sanjay Nadeem. They first met in the 80´s through Klaus´ extensive travels to eastern countries and built a deep relationship by sharing a close vision about music, myths and the connection between man and the universe. Until Klaus´ passing, Nadeem and Wiese build Arc Music, a huge archive of all the albums the artist ever created to help their long-term preservation. As such, one of the main aims of this label is to avoid potential future issues caused by the unavailability of his albums or by the closure of labels on which Klaus released or had planned to release.

Klaus´ music has had a massive influence on a lot of Ambient artists you may already know (Oophoi, Mathias Grassow, Jim Cole, Tomas Weiss, Robert Davies and many others). The core of his musical and philosophical visions has led them to expand those sound worlds into new and personal directions in Ambient music. With Arc it´s now possible to "return to this core", to capture the huge importance Klaus´ music had and still has in the present. For all those who aren´t familiar with his work yet, it´s a unique opportunity to explore all of his timeless works, now featured with an up-to-date sound quality.

Arc Music exclusively re-releasing rare and sold out music by Klaus Wiese. Previously unreleased material will also be made available. Because of some very critical sound issues on the original releases, all albums were remastered to archive the best sound quality by erasing those errors, which mainly had their source in the restricted recording technologies available at the time.

el culto distributes the CD releases by Arc Music.