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Musical Therapy

Musical Therapy

Musical Therapy
, founded by Tomas Weiss & Klaus Wiese in 2004, is a very unique project, releasing music made for professional and personal therapeutic use.

The use of music in this area was researched by Tomas & Klaus over several years, involving both professional therapists and doctors, as well as private persons who were not previously familiar with this type of music. Reviewing and assessing all the results from this research serves as the foundation of all albums released via Musical Therapy.

In contrast to many other projects you may know through our ambient roster (which are usually based on personal artistic choices only), all albums released by Musical Therapy focus on a single, simple goal: reaching an individual, personal experience of becoming "one".

To meet this aim, only selected tones / overtones, layers and subtle as well as deep-drifting tracks are used on each CD, aimed towards maintaining a sustained focus, enabling the listener to reach a state of internal release and poise.