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Himalaya (2012 Special Edition)


Mathias Grassow - Himalaya (2012 Edition)

"Himalaya" is, without a doubt, one of the most important past albums by Mathias Grassow. It´s often used for therapeutic purposes and is still regularly played by radio stations worldwide. "Himalaya" is a single 74-minute album track which constantly and slowly builds into different layers of tones and subtle sounds. After a while, it creates an extremely hypnotic effect and moves like a never-ending, changing spiral.

2012 Version - for this new version we re-transfered the original DAT Tape to a hard drive - this time in 32 Bit High Resolution. As a step before it was recorded onto the drive, we ran the file through several analogue instruments to improve the depth and stereo image of the file, because for the old release the original DAT wasn´t properly transfered and it was quite narrow-sounding (left-right and front-back). We didn´t apply any compression/maximizing on it nor did we use any other digital effects afterwards. The main focus was to profit from the warm sound of full analogue equipment to improve the sound quality and to maintain a higher audio resolution before the recording went on the CD, always with the aim to preserve Mathias´ original recording.

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