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Tomas Weiss & Nuur - Polaris
(Musical Philosophy)

"Mystical, with a narrative that feels both cold and warm…if you believe these opposites can't be successfully reconciled on a single album, listen to "Polaris" and think again - Touché…with Polaris, Tomas Weiss and Nuur have created the Ambient/Drone album of 2015" (Swedish State Radio)

- - - - -

"Almost 60 minutes in another world…it´s very hard not to press the repeat button on my CD player. "Polaris" clearly proves that it´s not at all about simple notes, but about time, tones and moods….a stunning and mind-blowing album by Tomas Weiss & Nuur, and a pure gem in experimental electronic music…forget about musical genres and just listen" (HR2 - German State Radio)

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