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Wintersilence - Submental Vol. 2

We deeply regret that most people today have almost completely forgotten or lost the ability to move into a calm and anchored state, in contrast to the hectic environment of daily surroundings. Wintersilence wants to bring this anchored state back by creating inner pictures, moods and feelings on a personal level. Expect a very warm sound, sometimes intimately close or far away.
Tomas Weiss - Zeitlos

"Zeitlos" is a pure ambient album by Tomas Weiss - minimal but highly emotional drones to rich walls of sound, each title consists of subtle movements embedded in a colourful bed of several tone layers. Tomas' aim was to create an exceptionally warm-sounding album you can repeatedly listen to in situations requiring a "mental calmness" without cold / noisy tones or a harsh overall sound...
Tomas Weiss - Zeitlos (Sleep Edition)

The "Sleep Edition" is an extremely limited extended 60-minute version of the last track on the original "Zeitlos" album and was originally only made for Tomas´ private music library. As it´s the final track on the album, several people wrote to us, saying that they wished it would never end. Also, we know that many of our customers use this kind of music for either relaxing or falling asleep.
Tomas Weiss/Anthony Paul Kerby - Revelation

A powerful combination of slowly expanding palettes of exquisite tones / sounds and deep hypnotic ambient compositions. You won´t notice the time passing during this 62-minute album, as each title perfectly continues the mood of the previous one, morphing it into another emotional world where the listener travels through different stages and places...
Back in stock

Klaus Wiese - many CDs back in stock

Most of his releases weren´t available for almost 2 years! We are happy to announce that we now have most of those CDs back in stock.

Wiese was the master of deep, touching drones and singing bowls - his music is extensively used across the world for many therapeutic purposes.
Mathias Grassow - Dagaz (Regular Edition)

"Dagaz" is one of the most powerful runes in nordic Futhark and it stands for Awakening, Awareness and Transformation. Together with all cycles and oppositions of nature and mankind , "Dagaz" is the rune of light, which cannot be inverted. The positive affirmations of this rune are: success, spiritual growing, clarity and safety afar from any misunderstanding.