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Tomas Weiss & Nuur - Polaris

"Mystical, with a narrative that feels both cold and warm…if you believe these opposites can't be successfully reconciled on a single album, listen to "Polaris" and think again - Touché…with Polaris, Tomas Weiss and Nuur have created the Ambient/Drone album of 2015" (Yle - Finish State Radio)
APK & Tomas Weiss - Distant Shadows 2015 (incl Bonus CD)

:: Limited 2015 Edition
:: Includes an exclusively ltd. Bonus CD with new, unreleased music
:: Comes now in a noble luxury Digipak with matt lamination and completely new artwork
:: Special price for "Original Edition" owners
Tania Giannouli - Transcendence

This time not Ambient Music but a strong album for all of those who love contemporary music in the ECM style. The CD provides a lot of "space" and invites the listener to partake in a journey full of emotions and different colours. If you appreciate richly textured, beautifully balanced compositions with great rigour and passion, you should definitely give it a listen!
Back in stock
Mathias Grassow - 3rd Dimension (Limited Edition)

This very limited album explores and dives into mystical places any listener of Ambient Music very likely knew about. A feeling of moving out of reality and physical focus with a sense of being elsewhere - like an emotional journey to known, but also new and free places.

Quiet Calling IV

Quiet Calling IV - a mindbending continuation of this series. Deeper than ever before, the album features slow hypnotic movements with harmonic, morphing structures with a great sensation of space.
Klaus Wiese - Maquam (2014 Version)

The second Arc release "Maquam" is a magnum opus in the world of deep Ambient Music. The album includes 3 very long tracks, offering hypnotic expanding soundscapes and subtle rhythms leading to a mental Trance state. "Maquam" works perfectly in repeat mode for slow movement, meditation and sleep purposes.
Klaus Wiese - Ming Noir (2014 Version)

A milestone in Deep Ambient, incl. very hypnotic and slowly expanding soundscapes leading to a mental Trance state. The album works perfectly in repeat mode for slow movement, meditation and sleep purposes. With the new re-mastered version, it´s now possible to run the CD at very low volumes with the music still filling the room.