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Klaus Wiese

Klaus Wiese was the master of deep, touching drones and singing bowls and published an absolutely unique discography in this genre. Many Ambient artists were significantly influenced by his music and he collaborated with several (Mathias Grassow, Oophoi, Ted de Jong, Tomas Weiss, Al Gromer Khan) with the aim to explore new possibilities for timeless Ambient/Space music. His very deep and psychological kind of music is extensively used across the world for many therapeutic purposes.

Klaus strongly believed that messages through music can only be fully recognized and appreciated in "small steps", concerning both the future and the continuous expansion of the human mind.

"There are levels the human psyche can be taken towards, which connect beings to one another. It is like the proverbial upside-down pyramid. Thus, it is also a metaphor for life. As listeners travel this path of a conscious 'mind flux', they gather tools along the way. Some tools are intellectual, some are emotional, and some are devotional. All of the tools are, to some degree, spiritual". (Klaus Wiese)

Bandcamp (Klaus Wiese - Arc Music)

Facebook (Klaus Wiese - Arc Music)

CD Releases:

Space II (incl Bonus CD) - only 1 copy left

El hadra - Only 1 copy left

Ceremony - Temporarily not available

Perfume - Temporarily not available