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Sping Deal

Dear Ambient Music friends,

Welcome to our annual “Spring Deal” - as usual we offer you a huge package of new and rare ambient music from some of our best artists at a special price - only between 13th - 20th of May.


--> due to a printing issue, ONLY 44 copies of the "Nuur & Silenos" album are available as an "Extended Luxus Edition" - there will not be a repress later on. Only the first 44 orders will receive a copy of this limited Luxus Edition - all other orders will receive the "Eco Edition" on our Avision label instead

--> the ultra-rare CD album from "Quiet Calling" will NEVER be released officially - only available here

--> you may have a personal voucher for the album "Infinite Spiral" from a previous deal - please check


Spring Deal

13. May - 20. May


:: includes Nuur & Silenos - Fragments / Sculptures (exclusive Spring-Deal Edition)
--> the first collaboration between two great el culto artists with ultra-deep + hypnotic Ambient Music
--> comes in a massive 6-panel Double-Digipak with "panorama" artwork + expensive matt-lamination
--> you can check out a preview of the gorgeous looking cover artwork HERE
--> this ultra-limited Extended Luxus Edition includes 2 CDs (--> only this album is worth 39 Euro)
--> each copy is uniquely hand-numbered

:: includes the ultra-rare CD album Quiet Calling - Eternal Mystery (exclusive Spring-Deal Edition)
--> this limited CD album will NEVER be officially released later on - only available here
--> this is the second solo release of the well-known project with an unofficall release number
--> includes ultra-deep, hypnotic and timelessly flowing space-ambient music
--> comes EXCLUSIVELY as a hand-numbered CD Edition (--> this album alone has priceless value)

:: includes Nautic Depths & Mystic Land - Submental Ltd 03 (exclusive Spring-Deal Edition)
--> this is the 3rd limited release of our highly respected "Submental" Series
--> includes very rich, vast sounding and ultra-complex Ambient + Space music
--> with a bit of luck you will get one of the 10 available CDs with real 24-Carat Gold layers
--> all recipients of these special golden discs are selected by a random algorithm

:: includes for FREE a secret Double-CD Album from a great Ambient Music project (worth 35 Euro)
--> slowly drifting and very spacious sounding Ambient Music with an ultra-warm sound quality
--> this album comes EXCLUSIVELY within this offer as a limited Double CD
--> oficially this album won´t be released before December 2024

:: includes on top of all a Special Gift....let yourself by surprised!

:: get the brand-new + limited CD album Amtana - Infinite Spiral for 17 Euro only
--> if you´ve ordered our last years´s "Summer Deal", you have a personal Voucher for this album
--> you can redeem your personal Voucher code in the corresponding field of the order form below
--> a new release of the fantastic collaboration series between el culto and the owner of ARC
--> this is a PURE Space / Ambient Music album with immersive + ultra-deep soundscapes

:: get the fabulous + very rare album "Plejades II (Night Version)" by Klaus Wiese for 17 Euro only
--> this is the previously unreleased + long-form "Night Version" - no track pause + fully remastered
--> this is a fantastic Space/Ambient Music album with immersive + highly meditative soundscapes
--> if you like the deep music of "Space" and Divine Orbit" then you definitely will love this album
--> limited to 35 copies only + comes exclusively as a special hand-numbered CD Edition

:: get 30% discount for up to 3 CDs - this applies to ALMOST ALL of your listed CDs:
--> excluding Extented Luxus Editions + Low-Cost Eco Editions
--> excluding all albums which are part of this "Spring Deal"
--> recently we have added some new albums - check them out on our HOMEPAGE

:: 25% discount for one "Extented Luxus Edition" of your choice:

--> Quiet Calling IX + X
--> El Hadra - Another Perception I + II
--> Tomas Weiss - Zeitlos II + III
--> Wintersilence & Nuur - Atlas of Senses / Subzero
--> Tomas Weiss - With Autumn I + II
--> Quiet Calling VII + VIII
--> Aestrata - Innertales I + II
--> Wintersilence - Snowlands I + II
--> Nautic Depths - Elsewhere II + III + Bonus CD
--> Nautic Depths - North Passage III + Unknowable
--> Mathias Grassow & Tomas Weiss - Farewell + Remembrance + Karma

:: includes a 50% discount code for 3 different Bandcamp sites (el culto + Nuur + Klaus Wiese)
--> the code is vaild for 1 month and can be used for all existing + upcoming albums
--> we guarantee that at least one new album will be available in this period

:: includes 95% discount on Bandcamp for all albums bought within this offer (when available)

Spring Deal (Extended Preview)

- Listening on good headphones is highly recommended -


Price for Spring Deal

Worldwide: 49 Euro (including standard shipping)

--> standard shipping is free but at your own risk - read more about it HERE
--> orders above 49 Euro require registered shipping (+ 4,50 Euro per package)
--> the total value for all offered albums (when available later) is worth 135 Euros


Ordering Notes

:: only 1 Bundle can be ordered per customer
:: please double check that all required fields in the order form are filled in correctly
:: after receiving your order, we will contact you as soon as possible about the payment details
:: incoming orders for this limited offer are handled on a "first come, first serve" basis
:: shipping of all orders starts around 24th of May


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