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Update 15.02. - only 1 Bundle left!



:: Bundle is limited to 55 copies only (as long as stocks last)

:: includes Wintersilence - Submental Vol. 2

:: includes the unreleased "Sleep Edition" of "Zeitlos" from Tomas Weiss´ private archive

:: additionally, 20% reduction for ALL albums offered on the el culto website


Wintersilence - Submental Vol. 2

Imagine the silence of winter, imagine the sound of being outside when snowflakes are falling on a bed of landscapes full of snow. Imagine the moment when you are observing all this and try to imagine the feeling of being a part of these silent moments!

Wintersilence wants to bring this anchored state back by creating inner pictures, moods and feelings on a personal level. Expect a warm sound, sometimes intimately close, sometimes vast and far away. Don´t expect any harsh and noisy music, stressful sounds or anything of the like.



Tomas Weiss - Zeitlos (Sleep Edition)

"Zeitlos (Sleep Edition)" is an extended 60-minute version of the last track on the "Zeitlos" album. We received a lot of positive feedback for this particular track. As it´s the final track on the album, several people wrote to us, saying that they wished it would never end. Also, we know that many of our customers use this kind of music for either relaxing or falling asleep.

The "Sleep Edition" was originally only made for Tomas´ private music library but, for all the reasons mentioned above, he decided to make this special version available to anyone. It comes as a limited Edition Cardwallet with completely new artwork - all previous customers who bought the original album and would like to order the Sleep Edition can easily place this additional version inside the "Zeitlos" Digipak for quick access, if desired.


T I P :

As part of this Bundle you will receive a 20% discount for ALL other CDs listen on el culto. To do so, please use the optional field "Other CDs to order" in the order form below.

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:: Tomas Weiss - Zeitlos (Original Edition) --> this is NOT the Version included in the Bundle!
:: Mathias Grassow - Dagaz
:: Tomas Weiss / APK - Revelation
:: Nautic Depths - Elsewhere I

Back in stock:

:: many older Klaus Wiese CDs
:: Solveil - Con Sense (incl Bonus CD)
:: Nautic Depths - Submental Vol 1
:: Robert Davies - Pond


Bundle Price:

Worldwide - 27 Euro (including shipping)


Ordering Notes:

:: please double check that all fields in the order form are filled in.

:: after receiving your order, we will contact you as soon as possible with details on making your payment.

:: incoming orders for this limited Bundle are handled on a "first come, first serve" basis, to give everyone an equal chance. We can´t reserve copies unless we have received your payment.

:: shipping of all Bundles starts on 7th/8th February.

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