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Tomas Weiss - Zeitlos
(Musical Philosophy)

"Zeitlos" is a pure ambient album by Tomas Weiss, following several collaborations and audio engineering / mastering roles on other artists' albums over the past 7 years. Almost a year in progress, this album is an extension of Weiss' characteristic sound, which you may recognize in all the previous projects he has been involved in. From minimal but highly emotional drones to rich walls of sound, each title consists of subtle movements embedded in a colourful bed of several tone layers. Tomas' aim was to create an exceptionally warm-sounding album you can repeatedly listen to in situations requiring a "mental calmness" without cold / noisy tones or a harsh overall sound. The album was recorded, mixed and mastered with analog equipment to retain the unique sound delivered by non-digital hardware. Feeling "Zeitlos" ("Timeless" in English) is doubtlessly a desirable state of mind for most if not all of us when searching for personal rest... and that's what the album is made for!

CD comes as 4-panel Luxus-Digipak with full panoramic graphics on the cover.


Germany order - 17 Euro (including shipping)

Europe order - 19 Euro (including shipping)

Rest of world order - 21 Euro (including shipping)


"Zeitlos is Tomas Weiss' first solo album on the Musical Philosophy label. The release follows up the great Dagaz album by Mathias Grassow. The label is releasing some of the deepest and best drone / ambient around at the moment. Tomas and Mathias have collaborated much over the years, and it has been difficult to separate them musically when it comes to deep ambient soundscapes. On Zeitlos Tomas steps out from the shadows, and shows his own quality as a creative force. The first track is like an invitation to reflection. The sound is warm and soothing. Deep drones and semi-melodic lines which add an emotional quality to the music. It creates spaces for relaxation and well-being. The album continues with darker and slightly more aggressive sounds. But it never leaves the warm expansive drones. There are a lot of details on the album, with rumbling sounds in the distance and layer upon layer with pads. The different tracks suggest different stages in a cohesive whole experience. Uninterrupted it moves through states of light and darkness, and from optimistic to melancholic emotions. The album completes the circle with a beautiful emotional track. With Zeitlos Tomas succeeds in some way to merge consciousness and emotions. The album is potentially mind-expanding.

The depth of the album can only be limited by what the listener brings to the table. The originality of the album leaves me impressed as a listener. The emotional quality and expert sound quality make Zeitlos a real ear candy. This music is ideal for contemplation. It can function as a tool to release stress and to find psychological balance. Tomas proves he is a mature ambient composer on his own. The influence of Mathias Grassow is apparent. Another reference might be Anthony Paul Kerby. You can find traces from his Nunc Stans project on this album. And that is a good thing. The album is an essential release from the el culto platform. Recommended." (Geir Fagervik - Norway)

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" Zeitlos” translates into "timeless", and it is likely that this album will remain so. Tomas Weiss, master of his subject, welcomes us with grace and distinction through the evocative title "Alignment". Even if the airy music gives us a pervasive and powerful feeling... the track is fluid and invites us to open ourselves to the world of his experimental journey, discovering the absolute.

"Through Realms"… The transition to this title is just perfect ... always under the same continuous airy effect, giving the impression that the music here is layered with additional musical arrangements, contemplation is the "main word", that feeling of deep meditation and managing to leave the body... at first listen, no one can remain indifferent or uninterested in this undeniable perfection...

"Near Nothing" …The track has a more spiritual feeling, a continuation of the first two tracks, a nice sense of peace, of wonder ... Near Nothing reveals another aspect of this album, the effects remain well controlled and hold our attention, like a dash used in poetry, to better understand the work…

"Foundation"… Unquestionably the most melodious passage in Zeitlos ... few minutes that invite to tenderness... Foundation seems to reconcile us with our emotions, such a journey accomplished, Tomas has reached magnificence, offering us this true " pillar of creation" that this title is ... refinement, the artist, the composer here reveals the most intimate side of the album ...

"Liminal Traces" …more "cathedral-like" sounds represent the basis of Liminal Traces, being skillfully orchestrated with effects that give a particularly original composition to this track... the title is simple, the mixes are perfectly successful...

"Absence"…we can subtly divide this section into two parts ... the first will prove to be relatively ambiguous, enigmatic ... the second most "grounded" ... Absence is a marvel, however, difficult to categorize, originality does not remove the quality of this composition. Absence occupies a crucial and central place on this album...

"Chronos"… Gods of time and destiny... here, Tomas gives us probably one of his best compositions ever... the title carries the weight of all of this work as in the times of the Greek gods. Superbly played, impressive to listen to, Chronos exudes an awesome power, the composer is fully able to transmit a set of emotions with excellence. Personally, I wish this track would have never ended... it inspires in me a feeling of respect and perfection...

"Zeitlos"… completes this very successful album with delicacy and ultimate emotion. The sound flows pensively and perpetually, extending to infinity, like the rest of this work which is also open to an infinity of interpretations, composed with talent and skill." (Jean Canonne - Belgium)