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Mathias Grassow - Dagaz
(Musical Philosophy)

In our opinion, "Dagaz" is the best solo album by Mathias in years - very much in the mood and style of his all-time masterpieces like "Himavat", "Ambience" and older CDs like "Nightquest" or "Dreamquest". Combining his unique drones with bowl sounds, drifting atmospheres and almost hidden mood changes makes "Dagaz" an outstanding album for this era. Especially the extraordinary warmth of the whole album deserves to be mentioned!

"Dagaz" is one of the most powerful runes in nordic Futhark and it stands for Awakening, Awareness and Transformation. Together with all cycles and oppositions of nature and mankind , "Dagaz" is the rune of light, which cannot be inverted. "Dagaz" is a protection rune and often was painted above doors and windows in the past. The positive affirmations of this rune are: success, spiritual growing, clarity and safety afar from any misunderstanding.

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