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Klaus Wiese - Space II (First Edition)

Space II (First Edition)

:: Space II wasn´t released anywhere else before.

:: The First Edition is limited to 50 copies only worldwide - each copy is uniquely hand-numbered.

:: The First Edition comes exclusively with an additional Mini-Bonus CD in a noble luxury Digipak with matt lamination.

:: Mastered by el culto to preserve the unique, warm sound Klaus is known for. Each track was treated using individual chains of analogue equipment only. The music profited significantly from the warm sound delivered by this special hardware and, as a positive side effect, it also improved subtly the spatial separation and feeling of depths in the music. We didn´t apply any compression/maximizing effects on it nor did we use any other digital treatments to avoid a "cold" sound, commonly known for most types of digital processing.

::"Space" in this musical context is synonymous with absence of mind. There is no distraction from seductive melodies, rather a clear tenderness in authentic sounds. The 4 extra-long tracks featured on "Space II" unfold their real impact by each passing minute. This album is a great invitation for "fasting of the mind", creating a "home in space as ONE place".