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Anthony Paul Kerby

Anthony Paul Kerby (APK) is an electro-ambient musican and ex-philosopher residing in Ontario, Canada. He was born and raised in rural southern England, moving to Canada in his mid 20s. Initially trained on classical/spanish guitar, but now almost exclusively keyboards and related electronic technology, digital manipulations, and field recordings.

He crafts original sonic ambient landscapes and subtle electronica under several names: The Circular Ruins, Lammergeyer, The Winterhouse and Nunc Stans. The music tends towards deep and fascinating immersive atmospheric soundscapes that range from lush to minimal. The tone is melancholic, moving and thoughtful, with drawn-out melodic lines that are sometimes interwoven with understated rhythmic elements, frayed and grainy synth experiments, occasional indecipherable voices, curious noises, and ambient field recordings.


CD Releases :

Falling Silent - only 3 copies left

Fantastic Journey - Sold out

Revelation - Temporarily not available

Middle Distance - Sold out

Invisible cities - Sold out

Gathering Autumn - Temporarily not available

Filaments - Temporarily not available

Between the lines - Temporarily not available

Beginning to end - Temporarily not available

Lost - Sold out

Sanctuary - Temporarily not available

Beneath the sky - Sold out

The birth of tragedy - Temporarily not available

Slow Promises - Temporarily not available

Winter Gardens - Sold out

Peninsula - Sold out

We leave everything behind - Temporarily not available

Meridian - Sold out

We leave without speaking - Temporarily not available